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Class of '66

Yearbook - Richland High School Class of 1966Richland High School Class of 1966 - Message BoardRichland Rebel - Virtual RHS 1966 Distinguished Alumni Facebook MemberRichland High School Class of 1966 more 40th Photos and Our Rebel PastRichland High School Class of 1966 - 40th Photo AlbumRichland High School Class of 1966 - 35th PhotosRichland High School Class of 1966 - 45th Reunion Main PageRichland High School Class of 1966 - 40th Reunion Main PageRichland High School Class of 1966 - 40th Invitation and RegistrationRichland High School Class of 1966 - 40th AttendeesRichland High School Class of 1966 - Lost And FoundRichland High School Class of 1966 - Tour with TomRichland High School Class of 1966 - Swami SmileyRichland High School Class of 1966 - Meet and Greet, Eat and DrinkRichland High School Class of 1966 - Audio pageRichland High School Class of 1966 - 40th Sponsors and Friends LinksRichland High School Class of 1966 - RHS 66 email:


Class of 1966 - Richland High School

Welcome alums, fomer students, family and friends to the Richland High School, Fort Worth, Texas Rebel Class of 1966 web site. View photos from reunions and our Rebel past. View and contribute to our message board. Be a friend of "Richland Rebel" on facebook.

"66+ attendees from the RHS Rebel Class of '66" and
"GLAD TO BE HERE !" at our 2014 48th Reunion!

Mark your calendar NOW, October 4, 2014, 5:30 p.m. to attend our RHS Class of ’66
annual reunion party! "66 plus attendees" are expected at our "GLAD TO BE HERE!"
2014 48th Reunion!
The 2014 venue selection is Campo Verde in Arlington. RHS alum, James Williams,
excellent hosting in 2013 earns a repeat visit. (Let no good deed go unpunished!)

NO COST to Attend! You pay only for what you eat and drink!
Happy Hour: 5:30 – 7:00 Complimentary chips, hot sauce, etc. courtesy of RHS'66.
Private Room: 7:00 until ? to order menu items and beverages and continue visiting.

PLEASE let us know if you plan to attend. Smiley and Tommy need to plan for space,
food and Smiley's staffing. Since there is no charge, there is NO PENALTY for cancelling.

Campo Verde Mexican & American Cuisine
2918 W Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, TX 76013

Overnighters and Late Night Partiers: HQ hotel TBD by Roxy
Golfers: probably at Iron Horse - details being finalized

Please spread the word. Adjoining classes are welcome!!! ’65, ’67, etc.

Doug Pace, RHS '69, has extended a BIG Welcome to any & all from our class.
View RHS69-45thFlyer for all the activities and how to RSVP.

See you October 4th! - "old times there are not forgotten!"

Tommy reports: "A GREAT time by all at our RHS '66 2013 47th Reunion Party ! ! !"

We had a great time at Campo Verde, Saturday, September 28, 2013.
The food, beverage and catching up were great.
Thanks again to James & Pam Williams for hosting us.

The pajama/slumber party organized by Roxy Pace Seligman was a big hit as always.
Roxy again wins the award for longest distance traveled (Seattle)…& our spirit award winner.
Mike & Phyllis Hicks made it by the slumber party after his CD release. Good luck Mike!!!

Click to view 47th photos

We started with registration, name tags and visiting in the bar area, then later continued the good times over dinner in our private room. Thanks to Ed Rogers for taking all the pictures and group photo in the front under the stars before we released the blue-gray-red balloons in honor of classmates not with us. 47th Reunion Photos

Be sure to keep sending me email & contact information updates.
Let’s do all we can to find more classmates we do not have in our distribution.
We were 40 strong this year and will grow next year with your support.
I know many of you were with us in spirit. Hope to see you in 2014.

All the best, be safe and take care,

RHS Rebel Class of '66 - 46th Reunion Party ! ! !
October 27, 2012

The Richland High School Class of 1966 cordially invites alumni, former students, family and friends to the RHS Class of 1966 46th Reunion Party beginning at 5:30 PM on October 27, 2012 at BIG Barn BBQ in North Richland Hills. 46th Reunion Photos

Tommy Clemons - RHS '66 Class President announces: 2012 RHS Class of '66 - October 27 - BIG barn BBQ

By popular demand, a 2012 reunion gathering is now officially scheduled.
We have settled on October 27, 2012, as an informal class gathering. The same format & spirit as we enjoyed October 15, 2011, but maybe fewer balloons, so there are fewer to take down.
Come join in the fun & re-connecting……friends, spouses, brothers, .. READ MORE

Tommy Clemons - RHS '66 Class President reports:
A GREAT time by all at our 45th Reunion ! ! !

We had a great time October 15, 2011 at BIG Barn BBQ for our RHS '66 45th reunion.
Our gathering Saturday night started at 5:30 pm. We did lots of visiting, had some cool drinks, ate a little BBQ. When the band swung into full amp. at 7:30, we were back and

Click to view 45th photos

forth from the patio to inside continuing conversations and cheering the Rangers to a rousing blow away victory against Detroit.The weather was beautiful with just enough breeze to keep our blue, gray & red balloons moving to the sound of the conversations, music and occasional dancing. The food, beverage and accommodations provided by BIG Barn BBQ with support from GM Patty Hanson was superb. We had .. READ MORE

Richland Rebel wants you as a friend on Facebook

Connect with Richland Rebel on Facebook. Richland Rebel is our virtual RHS 1966 distinguished alumni Facebook member. Richland Rebel represented Richland High School in Fort Worth, Texas as Mascot and Icon beginning in 1961. Political correctness terminated Richland Rebel's RHS representation a few years ago. Today, Richland Rebel is archived in the memory of former students as "old times there are not forgotten".

Don't get lost!

Please help us keep RHS '66 alumni contact information current. Please submit updates to Alice Lambert Haney at

Come back soon and tell others. Thanks again, Your RHS Class of '66 web site staff.

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