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SWAMI  SMILEY said . . . .
Story telling as best
remembered from RHS '66er
  September 14, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Register and send Swami your reminder of an RHS day's
incident. Swami Smiley relates only truth and applies his
moral principles to never name names. The context of this
story is a perceived traumatic event she suffered on
graduation day. She actually received her diploma twice
that memorable day. We all know to well how our parent's
behavior was so insensitive to our maturity. Her
grandmother was not able to attend the graduation. Her
Mom decided the only way to preserve the
granddaughter's pinnacle moment was to video capture
with the latest in Super 8 camera technology. A minor
technological malfunction in the high tech 1966 world
resulted in no film of the beloved granddaughter. Her Mom
was not to be denied. Immediately upon completion of the
ceremony, her Mom insisted that the presentation and her
walk across the stage to receive her diploma be totally
reenacted to the last detail. I mean, the Birdville
Independent School Board had to be reseated, Principal
Billy Smith, Vice Principals Gus Bierman & Senior Class
Sponsor, Bette Nolen all were brought back on the stage
so this classmate could have her Mom re-shoot the special
moment. The reenactment proceeded with the added
embarrassment of all her friends in full view waiting for her
to hurry up and finish so they could attend the graduation
party. After 40 years she confesses the embarrassment of
the moment was not so bad after all, given the smile it
brought to the grandmothers face with the pleasure of
seeing her grandbaby graduate.

Q. Whose Mom took control of the BISD and RHS
Q. Did she receive two diplomas?

Q. Who were the friends that witnessed the embarrassing
Q. Who was she?
Answers to these questions revealed and more at our
40th RHS '66 Reunion on October 13-14, 2006.
  September 7, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami Smiley encourages classmates to register and
remind Swami of tales of their RHS days. Swami
Smiley abstains from naming names to avoid possible
embarrassment. "Ya Got Trouble, Right here in Fossil
Creek City" or so the rewrite goes of a tune from the
1962 musical. The staid "city" had the RHS marching
band to keep the youngsters "moral after school" and
a very accomplished "Music Man" to instruct them.
At a time before I-35 was finished and 287 was the only
road north out of town, a four hour band bus ride to a
Wichita Falls Coyotes football game without a date
seemed almost as far away as the moon. To while away
the time, the back of the bus became an immoral Nickel,
Dime & Quarter high stakes poker gambling den, "right
here in Fossil Creek City"! After two hours of wagering,
the attempt to be discreet failed. The "Music Man" decided
to check out all of the fun at the back of the bus. The high
roller "wannabes" knew they were dead meat on a stick!
But no, the "Music Man" pulled up an ice chest, sat down
and was welcomed as an "easy mark" to join the game.
After 15 minutes of play, the "Music Man" wiped out all the
conniving students of their pocket riches leaving them
penniless for the trip. Little did the immoral youngsters
know that not only was the "Music Man" a former Marine
who had honed his skills in the barracks of WWII, but
also was a dealer in a casino back in his younger days!

Q. Was there trouble, "Right here in Fossil Creek City"?
Q. Who were those conniving students at the back of
the bus?
Q. Who was this most talented "Music Man"?
Q. Did the immoral youngsters retain the "Music Man's"
important life lesson?
Answers to these questions revealed and more at our
40th RHS '66 Reunion on October 13-14, 2006.
  August 31, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami Smiley speaks only truth and applies his ethical
principles to never name names in his stories. Register
and send Swami your reminder of a tale from long ago.
Swami is reminded of yet another toilet and/or toilet
accessory story. Swami has knowledge of Freud’s
stages of the psychosexual development of the child
understanding why alumni have prevalent perceived
trauma memories progressing from childhood to
adulthood. Her daily personal appearance was
impeccable. She was an excellent student. She was a
high achiever working hard and long hours studying
to make the best grade in the class. She always tried
to sit toward the front of the classroom wanting not
to miss an instructional word from her teachers. One
day "nature called" and she discretely asked the male
math teacher to be excused to the ladies restroom. The
teacher's Freudian approach was to "shame the child"
by a reply loud enough for the entire class to hear
"YOU look like YOU could use a REST". She was
SOOOOO embarrassed! Swami offers his condolences to
her and wishes he could have counseled with the teacher
that the proper response would have been to reward
her questioning technique with a discreet response.
Swami thanks her for reminding him of such a personal
traumatic memory.

Q. Who was the traumatized alumni you likewise should
offer condolences?
Q. Who exercised the Freudian "shame" response?
Q. Is her current behavior caused specifically by her
childhood "REST" experience?
Learn the answers to these questions by attending our
40th RHS '66 Reunion on October 13-14, 2006.
  August 24, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami Smiley relates true stories never using names to
avoid possible embarrassment. Register and send your
reminder story from times long ago. This story is about
the "Rectal Floss Artisans of South Kingsbury". One hot
evening in the summer of '63, an alumni paperboy had
finished bicycling his subscriber collection route with
time to kill before his parental imposed 9:00 P.M. curfew.
He and two of his best friends, one of them whose dad
was a Richland Hills City Councilman, decided to bestow
to "HER" the favored status symbol of the time. The three
perpetrators biked to the 7-11 and armed themselves with
three dozen rolls of the single ply, 10 cent a roll residential
decoration material. “SHE” and her parents were gone
allowing for what they deemed the best "Roll Job" ever.
Way beyond the paperboy's curfew, his Dad cruised the
neighborhood only to find the crime in progress. He was
caught red handed while the other two escaped into the
darkness. The responsible father took him straight to the
Richland Hills jail. He could only think about his conviction
and punishment, juvenile hall, life imprisonment or the end
of a rope. After only 60 seconds of strenuous interrogation
before the Chief of Police, he broke under the pressure,
turned states evidence and implicated his best friends
as accomplices to the heinous crime. He, the city
councilman's son and the third accomplice we're returned
to the crime scene to remove their neighborhood
landscape enhancements. To add to the embarrassment,
“SHE” and her parents returned home only to observe
them complying with the police ordered removal of the
favored status symbol. “SHE” begged them, "No, no! YOU
HAVE TO LEAVE IT!" to no avail. After 43 years post
incident, all hope the statute of limitations has expired but
are still embarrassed when they shop the paper products
isle. The "Rectal Floss Artisans of South Kingsbury” have
however upgraded to two-ply!

Q. Who were the "Rectal Floss Artisans of South
Q. Did the crime and punishment with rehabilitation make
them better persons?
Q. Did the alumni Dad suffer small town political ramifications?
Q. Who was "SHE"?
A. The answers to these questions and more at our 40th
RHS '66 Reunion on October 13-14, 2006. - SWAMI SMILEY

August 10, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami Smiley is true to his Swami Ethical Code by
refraining to name names in his narratives. Register and
send Swami your reminder of instances that occurred
so long ago. This story is about friendship, swimming
and his “Big” sisters. Swami was reminded how
everyone, especially in the summer, wanted to be on
this classmates “best friends” list. He had an in ground
swimming pool and rest of us in middle class Richland
Hills had none. Most importantly was he had really nice,
attractive and uninhibited older sisters who loved to sun
bathe and just walk around the house in nothing but a
towel or less. Forget about going to Barrbrook. The
Richland Jr. High hot summer days created a much
welcomed waiting list of voyeuristic pubescent males
lined up for an invitation to go swimming at their best
friend’s house in the general area of Labadie and

Q. Where was the Swami Smiley invite when these
summer of '62 activities were going on ?
A. On the other side of the Grapevine Highway.
Q. Who were those voyeuristic pubescent males ?
A. Find out the answer by attending our 40th RHS '66
Reunion on October 13-14, 2006. - SWAMI SMILEY

  August 3, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami encourages classmates to register and remind
Swami of more RHS days stories. Swami remembers the
RHS version of "Bob, Carol, Ted, & Alice". Real names
are not mentioned to avoid embarrassment. Three
couples from our class of '66 were years ahead of their
time in their after prom activities as recently related to
me, the Swami. They booked an "unnamed brand" motel
in the area of the prom dance. It seems the guys had
three individual rooms in mind, but the GIRLS insisted
all the "partying" be confined to ONE room that had a
LARGE bed. Were there king & queen sized beds in the
60's? The way the story goes is nothing really too exciting
or of a promiscuous nature that happen with THREE
couples in ONE bed. Do any of us really believe that?
Come to our 40th RHS '66 Reunion, October 13-14, 2006,
and hear what version of the story you get from
"Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice". - SWAMI SMILEY

  July 13, 2006
Weekly Story from Swami Smiley Williams:

Swami Smiley will not use classmate names to avoid embarrassing anyone. We need more registrations & more good stories like this one, otherwise Swami takes off the gloves & will name names. One of our classmates recently registered, (thank you very much!) and reminded Swami Smiley of a toilet event on graduation day. Just minutes before we walked down the aisle in our caps and gowns, she quickly ran to the bathroom. She was leaning over to jiggle the handle when her tassel fell off her cap and joined the heterogeneous mix in the 'ol thunder mug. Not a fun filled event but she closed her eyes, held her breath and rescued her precious tassel. She performed a quick wash, secured the wet tassel to her cap and endured drips down her face during the entire program. Word from those sitting near her was that she continually muttered "Yuck!" or something that rhymed with "Yuck".
Find out who "she" is by attending our 40th RHS '66 Reunion on October 13-14, 2006. - SWAMI SMILEY


Come back soon and tell other RHS '66 alums. Thanks again, Your RHS '66 web site staff.                 
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