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Class of '66

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Class of 1966 - Richland High School

Welcome alums, former students, family and friends to the Richland High School,
Fort Worth, Texas Rebel Class of 1966 web site. View photos from reunions and
our Rebel past. View and contribute to our message board. Join our facebook group: All past and present school icons are
identified as spirit symbols only, representing RHS heritage and nothing more.

Richland High School Class of ’66

50-Year Reunion !

Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2016

What a great weekend! So many of us were able to enjoy September 30 and
October 1, 2016 in celebration of our Fifty Year Reunion. We had attendees from
10 states (AR, AZ, CA, FL, MA, NC, NM, NY, TX & WA) with outstanding total
attendance for the weekend of 153 classmates (92 spouses and friends).
We were honored having four faculty, Bob Prince, Jim Mosley, Tom Murray
and Jerry Sessions attending.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Our Friday casual party entertainment was highlighted by our band of the 60’s
organized by James (Smiley) Williams and led by Jerry Jordan, RHS “66 and spouse
to Judi Bartley Jordan. Both the Friday and Saturday parties were at the Texas Star
with golf on Friday led by Jim Perkins at Bear Creek.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

We had an official graduating class of 316 per commencement, but count 370 as our
total number of classmates.
We were moved and thankful to recognize:
• 49 veterans who served in the military from our class
• 45 deceased classmates recognized in a video tribute done by Susie Williams
Fitzgerald with lots of support in finding and verifying names and pictures by
Nancy Carter Larmer.
Thanks to Ron Albertson for the invocation and leading the singing of the class song,
“TODAY”. Our Saturday celebration entertainment by The Hi Roller Band provided us
great dance music. We were also joined in and entertained by none other than Elvis.
Thank you to Roxy Pace Seligman and Michele Labate Cotton for organizing the
girlfriends lunch on Saturday.

Links for you to visit:
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RHS 66 50th Group Photo - Saturday, October 1, 2016
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RHS Class of 1966 Departed Classmates Tribute video
RHS 50th - Friday Night Band "LINDA LU" video
RHS 50th - Saturday Night Elvis video
RHS 48th Reunion video at Campo Verde

Emails: and


RHS October 16-18, 2015 '62 -'69 Multi-year Reunion
hosted by RHS Class of '66

RHS 60’s Reunion Summary from Tommy Clemons:
Thanks to all who participated in our RHS 60’s reunion activities of October 16-18.
Our honored faculty guest attending Friday and/or Saturday included
Carlene Fisher King, Jo Denton, Carol Earney, Minerva Kimbell, Bette Nolen,
Lynda Hamilton, Mrs. Shirley Hosier Rose, Marsha and Tom Murray,
Wanda and Jerry Sessions, Dub Stewart & his son, and Bob Prince. We missed
you Coach Welch. See you next year on the dance floor ! ! !


Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Lunch:
Roxy Pace arranged a meeting with Richland Jr High Choir Director and
former choir members. Mrs. Shirley Hosier Rose was the focus of the lunch.
She joined us at the Iron Horse social to hear one of her many accomplished . . . .
READ MORE about our RHS Class of '66 49th Reunion.

73 Attend the RHS Rebel Class of '66 2014
"GLAD TO BE HERE" Reunion!

What an outstanding reunion party! All enjoyed the gathering (but never enough visitation time) with 73 long-standing friends and colleagues.


Thank You Tommy Clemons for organizing our RHS Rebel Class of '66 2014
"GLAD TO BE HERE" 48th Reunion.
Thank You Smiley Williams and Campo Verde for the great food, drink and venue.
Thank You Dee Hardin and Jim Perkins for creating our 48th reunion golf tour event.
Thank You Roxy Pace Seligman for establishing accommodations for the overnighters
and hosting the late night celebrants.
Thank You Ed Rogers for your many photos.
Thank You Susie Williams Fitzgerald for creating the online movie:
"1966 RHS 48th Reunion @ Campo Verde, Arlington, Oct 4, 2014".
and Thank You to You and All who attended and contributed to the success . . . .
READ MORE about our RHS 48th, 47th , 46th and 45th Reunions.

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